Hose Clamps

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  1. HOSE CLAMP G6 10-22mm

    Part no. 102112

    Old part no. 18A012

  2. HOSE CLAMP G8 14-27mm

    Part no. 102113

    Old part no. 18A013

  3. HOSE CLAMP G2 6-13mm

    Part no. 102114

    Old part no. 18A014

  4. HOSE CLAMP G12 14-32mm

    Part no. 102115

    Old part no. 18A015

    Out of stock

  5. HOSE CLAMP G24 25-51mm

    Part no. 102116

    Old part no. 18A016

  6. HOSE CLAMP G4 6-16mm

    Part no. 102117

    Old part no. 18A019

  7. HOSE CLAMP G24 25-51mm

    Part no. 102118

    Old part no. 18A093

  8. HOSE CLAMP G20 19-44mm

    Part no. 102119

    Old part no. 18A094

  9. HOSE CLAMP G32 38-63mm

    Part no. 102120

    Old part no. 18A095

  10. HOSE CLAMP G28 35-57mm

    Part no. 102121

    Old part no. 18A096

    Out of stock

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